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“A tradition That Belongs

to the Future”

Alexander Nelson (founder)

Instead of our demo guy, imagine yourself (the baker) having a great domain and fluid content to go with it. Hotbake.com is a website reserved to be used by a successful medium to large size bakery. This website may just be used for information and promotion of the business. It can also be developed further to manage the entire business including sales, invoicing, and accounting. Bakeries are usually wholesalers in most part and have their own trucks and delivery system.


Most customers are large grocery stores and some restaurants. Customers usually have a standard order for different days of the week, and they also may modify their standard orders from time to time based on their orders.


With that said, we do have experience in developing custom made software for bakeries as well as e-commerce applications. This allows us to develop centralized web based programs accessible from multiple locations with different levels of access for employees, managers and customers.